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Green Cleaning

Everyone like it when their houses look immaculate. You can spend time cleaning curtains, cushions, carpets and even walls. These are often done using chemical products which have adverse effects on the environment. These cleaning products are also expensive. There are ways you can clean your home and maintain your family health at the same time.

Cleaning your home green and eco-friendly

Use soothing lavenderlavender

Lavender has a sweet fragrance making it useable for doing cleaning around your home to leave a great smell. Other than the scent lavender is natural which makes it a popular choice for home cleaning. Use this solution to clean your clothes or when cleaning the floor of your house. You can also use lavender to clean your toilets, and it will expel all the odors leaving your toilet with a great smell.

Use lemon

To find some of the best cleaning agents, look no further than your fruit rack. One of the fruits used for cleaning is a lemon. Lemon is a strong cleaning agent. Instead of using chemical products, you can opt to implement lemon in your cleaning routine. Lemon has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it suitable for cleaning. It is useful in cleaning your microwaves and returning you cooking pans to shine. Also rubbing lemon on your chopping board instantly cleans it.

Use coconut oil

Oil from the coconut fruit has been known for its grease removing properties for a long time. You can use coconut oil to clean greasy surfaces in your kitchen or sitting room walls. It is equally biodegradable and safe for use. Dip a pick of cloth into coconut oil and scrub your walls you get the clean once again.

Use baking soda

This kitchen product has a cleaning miracles for your utensils. It is by far the cheapest way of cleaning. Baking soda has different purposes that help in making cleaning easy. It is also useful as a carpet cleaner because of its ability to neutralize odors. Just sprinkle it on your carpet and get rid of nasty smells. A liquid solution made of baking soda normally dissolves dirt and grease from cooking pans. You can use baking soda as a fabric softener while doing your laundry. It softens your clothes and removes odors. It cleans and disinfects almost everything that comes its way.

Use fir tree

Oils from fir tree are utreeseful as soap at home. These oils are easy to rinse after washing and also biodegradable making them a good way to go green eco-friendly.

The world is going green and you to need to go green. Take advantage of these natural products to clean your home clean you home green and eco-friendly.