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Safety Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Children

When looking to buy furniture for your child, the first thing you consider it may be how fun, bright and funky it is or if it will match with the color theme of your kids’ bedroom. Although you may consider style, you will find that it’s of great benefit to keep safety in your mind when choosing your kids furniture. Items used on a daily basis contain certain safety issues. Keep in mind the following safety tips when buying children’s furniture.

Should Not Have Sharp Edges

baby cradle and court-ageIf your kitchen or dining tables have sharp corners, know that it’s not safe if you have kids since they keep running around the house. So you should not buy sharp-edged furniture for your children. For the safety of your child, you should not invest in any furniture that will lead to significant damage to your child you can wait until they are teenagers.

Made of Appropriate Materials

You must remember that tables made of glass are not safe in your house because they can harm your children since they don’t cope well. You should not have any furniture which is potentially dangerous, breakable and fragile in your kids’ bedroom. Besides, furniture made of metal such as chairs or beds are not safe as well. Consider choosing smooth, sturdy polished wood or plastic furniture.

Select Wider and Lower Dressers

For you to protect your children from falling when trying to reach belongings from the dressers, or maybe when reaching the drawers, purchase storage furniture that is lower with a strong and broad base. More so, you can choose to anchor your kids’ furniture such as drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, and bookcases on your wall to prevent your child from pulling them down. Also, put safety locks on the lower drawers if you have very young kids.

Non-Slip Furniture

baby walkerIt is something that you shouldn’t forget to check. You may get attracted by appealing, bright colored furniture that will look so nice, however, if they slip when one is using, know that they are not safe for your children. Keep in mind that easily moved tables and easy to push, are not the right choice if you will use to place hot drinks or food on. Also, do not put your child on furniture that moves quickly.

Painted Furniture Should Never be Toxic

All kinds of furniture, including children’s furniture for nursery or bedroom, should conform to today high safety standards; this is undoubtedly real of finishes of paint. Any parent who has experienced the suffering of a teething kid knows very well the way a kid can chew the corners of high chair or bed rails. With this, it’s safer to buy children’s furniture without toxic paint.